Mark Twain Cave

Hannibal, MO

Where are we going?

Mark Twain Cave
Cave Hollow Rd
MO 63401


What is there to do?

Did you know that you can have SHOW caves? You certainly can in Missouri! The Mark Twain Cave Complex actually has the country's oldest AND newest show cave - because it's the FIRST show cave!

Since 1866 families from all over the country have visited to experience these magical feats of nature. Your 55 minute adventure will see an experienced guide (who is wiling to answer any questions you may have!) take you through the Mark Twain Cave filled with smooth and level walkways, which means there aren't any steps!

The caves stays a lovely 52 degrees all year round, so no matter what the weather you know what you're expecting!

55 minute tour to fill a family day out? We wouldn't leave it at that! In the Mark Twain Cave Complex there is also the Cameron Cave, which takes you on an 80 minute experience through the caves that were discovered in 1925. The guides will be carrying lanterns, which will give the experience a whole new light (literally!)

Have the kids been inspired and excited by the idea of all those sparkly gems and formations? They can try and find their own with Sticks, Stones and Bones - and a sluice! Want to know what that is? That means kids of ANY age can pan for semi-precious gemstones of their own! There is also a lovely general store where you can find some lovely local produce.

Nice little keepsakes from your experience! If you wanted to extend your family day out to something longer, there is also a campground where you can set yourself up for a weekend.

Underground fun at Mark Twain Caves! An underground adventure for the whole family! 

How much does it cost?

Adults: $15.95 Mark Twain tour. $18.95 Cameron Cave.

Children: $9.95 Mark Twain tour. $12.95 Cameron Cave. (Under 7's $3 / $5)

Discount: Student discounts.


Need a little extra help?

Whilst there aren't any steps, the caves aren't accessible. You can still participate in the above ground activities!


When can we go?

9am open except Nov - Mar (10am). Shuts between 4pm and 8pm seasonally.

Open 363 days a year.


Any top tips?

Make sure you bring clothes for the cooler climate under the ground!

I’m Hungry!

The General Store has some delicious produce to buy from jams, sodas and jellies.

Healthy Eating

Bring your own lunch and enjoy a picnic at the caves! - Fun things to do with kids and best places to visit in the US
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