Live 2 Bounce

Cicero, NY

Where are we going?

Live 2 Bounce
5885 Cir Dr E
NY 13039

315 299 8096

What is there to do?

We don't know about you, but if we aren't feeling too good, or are sad about something, or just looking for something to make us laugh, we love (can you guess?) to BOUNCE!

Bouncing is so much fun!  It makes you feel better, it makes you laugh, and you can bounce in all weather.  You can bounce with your friends, you can bounce on your own, and at Live 2 Bounce, parents will love the fact you will be bouncing in a super safe and clean environment!

Live 2 Bounce is a family owned and operated fun zone which aim to provide the most diverse and visually stunning indoor fun zone in the area.

There are heaps of classic play equipment for bouncing and sliding, where kids can climb, jump and play, but also a bit of creative fun too - such as the interactive indoor wood structure, a small plane and a BIG train!  

The bounce houses are triple padded, which makes it that much more safe, and parents you are encouraged to interact and play with the kids too! Keep in mind they do have a 150lb weight limit, but doesn't mean you can't use your creativity to get involved!

Bouncing is great for a child's mood - it can keep them happy and most importantly healthy!

If your child wants to celebrate his or her big day by bouncing, then have a look into the different birthday packages you can pick from, to ensure the day is super special.  During one weekend they can go through over 250 balloons - so you can see how fun they will be already! 

How much does it cost?

Adults: 2 adults free with each child

Children: $12 for all day play. $6 for one hour.

Free Under: 1 year.


When can we go?

Open play bounce times vary, usually starting at 10am. Call ahead as they may have parties schedule

Often closed Mondays


Any top tips?

Don't forget your socks as you will need them to bounce! If you do forget in all the excitement, then you can purchase them at the center. - Fun things to do with kids and best places to visit in the US
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