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    Great Place to take the little ones. My 3 year old loves this place. We can’t get off the first floor though because of the water room… Your kids will love it.

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    I have twins, a boy and a girl, who couldn’t be different in their preferences for games and activities, but they both love Discovery Children’s Museum as each finds his or her own favorite thing to do. We take pride in this recent, valuable family-oriented addition to our fabulous city!

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    My 1.5 and 3 year old loved the 19 story mini skyscraper in addition to the 3 main levels of activity rooms for kids. The place was clean with plenty of restrooms, museum proctors were always around to help.

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    Love it. Annual pass holder. But, I don’t like that we can’t come on school days. Close at 4pm!!! School gets out at 3:21pm. And I work on weekends.

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    Could be over crowded in some areas. We visited on a Saturday. The kids, 5 and 9, did have fun. Since this is a new facility, some employees could use a bit more training. And the operation could be improved. Don’t rely on GPS for direction. You will be directed to promenade Blvd, instead of promenade place.follow the direction on museum website and the signs for city museum along the way.