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Kiddie Park PicaPica

San Antonio, TX

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Address: 910 SE Military Dr, San Antonio, TX 78214, USA Number: 210-922-2048 Website Contact How do we get there?

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It's time to have a super fun family experience in the USA's OLDEST children's amusement park!

Kiddie Park at PicaPica Plaza has been a landmark of San Antonio since it opened in it's original location all the way back in 1925. Now, you can take the family to experience a modern take on this old fashioned fun - it's been a favorite for children over the past century so it's great that kids of today can still have that classic amusement park experience!

Kiddie Park at PicaPica Plaza has a host of sweet attractions which are perfect for those little kids. You can bounce the day away on the fun and colorful jump houses, or perhaps get those faces painted with some pretty cool patterns!

As this amusement park gives families that classic experience, it makes sense that is has a fun carousel with animals like horses and zebras to ride!

If you choo choo choose to go on some more attractions, why not hop aboard the train  kids can be a imagine themselves as the conductor making their way through wild and wonderful landscapes! 

With an arcade and a whip ride, and even a carnival style snack bar, Kiddie Park at PicaPica Plaza has family fun oozing out of every arcade game, every carousel horse and every inch of paint that can be seen on happy children's faces!

Of course, what would a fun amusement park be without birthday parties! Don't forget that kids can celebrate that big day with ALL their friends with the cute rides and fun to be had.

Raining? Doesn't matter! Cold? Doesn't matter! This amusement park is indoors - so no excuses!

Have fun kids! 

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$2.50 1 ticket. $6 3 ticket. Unlimited rides $8.



Book of 50 and 100 rides available


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Don't forget you can have your birthday party at the park! Have a look at their packages to see how you can celebrate!

I'm Hungry!


Amusement parks wouldn't be the same without foot and treats! The carnival style snack bar have everything from burgers and hot dogs, to cotton candy and sno cones!

Healthy Eating It never hurts for you to have bottled water to keep those excited kids hydrated!

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Can I get one of those?


They have a gift shop which sells a HOST of fun items, from toys and games!

Need a little extra help?


If you have special needs, just speak to someone when you arrive to see what assistance they can give you!

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When can we go?

10am - 7pm Fri & Sat / 11am - 7pm Sunday

All year round, but closed Monday to Thursday

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