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    At first glance, this place seemed pretty cool and pretty much like every other bounce house place on the planet. After spending 2+ hours here with a large group of children, I would definitely go to Bounce U or Jump Zone before I return to Jumpin n Jammin. The staff seemed very young…which is fine, until they started jumping WITH the children in a very rough manner. One staff member actually knocked into a small child while jumping in the basketball bounce house. At any other bounce place I’ve been to, the staff members monitor the children and the jump houses to make sure that kids DON’T behave that way. Our group had a few minor injuries…totally typical of these places. However, I thought it was odd that no one bothered to collect any injury waivers from us until the first two injuries occurred (which was about 20-30 minutes into our jump session). To sum it up, these places are all pretty much the same…but you might have a better experience if you go to one with safer policies and procedures.