Imaginarium of South Texas

Laredo, TX

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Address: 5300 San Dario Ave, Laredo, TX 78041, USA Number: 956 728 0404 Website Contact How do we get there?

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Isn't it great when you find a place to take kids, where they can have an amazing time, AND learn? That's exactly what the Imaginarium of South Texas offers when kids go to visit!

The imaginarium has a host of super fun activities that kids and their families can enjoy all year long. These activities will improve the communication skills of every child, develop their self-esteem, build their confidence, and really stimulate their curiosity and discovery!

Bright Sparks is perfect for those with toddlers where they can participate in interactive story-time, which will help them comprehend the world around them. Build-a-Bot is great for kids to find creative solutions to problems - even building, testing and evaluating is part of it! 

Feeling creative? It's not too early to get involved in the art world! Kiddo Art introduces kids to creativity through producing works of art, as well as crafts. Great for parents too (we know you have it in you!)

We know kids love questions, so good thing ClubZOOM is there, so kids can ask all the questions they want, test their ideas, and even share all of their results. Each meeting, kids will try a new science activity, which are not only fun but help kids explore and process those important science skills. Who said science couldn't be fun!? 

From Natural Explorers focusing on plants and animals, to Magical Math Moments which makes mathematics easy to learn as well as entertaining, the Imaginarium of South Texas has so much variety for your family! 

Don’t forget about Free Family Fun Nights every 2nd Thursday of the month - it really is a great experience for the whole family! Let’s get learning!

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The family fun nights are free! 4pm - 7pm the 2nd Thursday of every month, the whole family can enjoy science!

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Want a birthday party at an imaginarium? You betcha you can! Kids can celebrate that big day with their party package with great extras, so you can make it exactly as you like! Have fun!

I'm Hungry!


Make sure you have a good and hearty breakfast before you visit, so you don't run out of energy as you play!

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Where is it at?


You can find all the science fun you want at 5300 San Dario, Ste 505. It's in Mall del Norte, in Laredo.

Teachers corner


Of course the Imaginarium does field trips! Make sure you book as early as possible - dates fill up quick! It's a great way for kids to learn about science.

Can I get one of those?


Do you mean can you have a great time, as well as loads of information that will improve your life skills and really develop your creativity? Of course you can have that!

Need a little extra help?


If you have any disabilities, give the center a call before you visit so they can advise you on what is possible.

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When can we go?

Wed & Thurs 10am - 7pm / Fri & Sat 10am - 8pm / Sun 12pm - 6pm.

Closed Monday and Tuesdays.

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