Howe Caverns

Howes Cave, NY

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Address: 255 Discovery Dr, Howes Cave, NY 12092, USA Number: 518 296-8900 Website Contact How do we get there?

What is there to do?

Feel like a great family adventure...DEEP underground? Why not! It's certainly a unique experience and once that the kids will never forget!

Howe Caverns have a range of tours for the family to explore this natural underground wonder. But that's not all - these caverns have something extra special. What's that we hear you ask? How about some super cool adventure in the form of Tower Zip Lines, or ropes courses, or even a rock wall? Pretty awesome!

Let's take you back 6 million years...or there abouts anyway. You see, scientists think that the caverns started formed long before creatures like the woolly mammoth roamed the earth. But there is something extra special about the Howe Caverns.  They happen to be one of the very small number of living limestone caves in the entire world!

Then, 20 years before the outbreak of the Civil War (history lovers, do you know what year that would have been?) the caves were discovered. Lucky they were, because otherwise there wouldn't be this amazing place for families and kids to have an incredible time!

To see the caverns, there are a number of amazing tours which you can enjoy, each one starting with a 156ft descent below the surface of the earth...are you ready! Winding through the limestone corridors, you will walk past traces of time gone by, from strange formations to hidden secrets in every turn.  The traditional tour is a fun 90 minute walking tour with a boat ride. The lantern tour is a very cool 2 hours every Friday and Saturday evening where you will go back to how it would have been in 1842! 

There is a fun family flashlight tour, as well as an adventure tour. Make sure you pick what is best for your family! 

Don’t forget about all that adventure to be had - but we’ll let you experience that for yourselves!

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How much does it cost?



Tour prices vary. Traditional tour $25.



Tour prices vary. Traditional tour $21 (ages 12 - 15), and $13 (ages 5 - 11).



Senior discounts.


Free Under

4 years of age


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Additional Information

Make sure you check the opening times before you arrive, or book in advance to make sure you get the tour you want. Adventure tours are additional. Zip lines are $17, ropes course $11.

Any top tips?


You can have your birthday party in the caves - how amazing is that! There are 3 party packages to choose from, so ask them all about options to make your day super special!

I'm Hungry!


There is a Sweet Shop at the Tudor style lodge where you can pick up some tasty treats! There is also the Howe Caverns Cafe with desserts, paninis, and other nice meal options.

Healthy Eating The Howe Caverns Cafe has healthy foods such as homemade soups and salads.

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Where is it at?


The caves are about 30 minutes from Schenectady, and are located at 255 Discovery Drive in Howes Cave.

Teachers corner


Of course they offer student tours! Just make sure you ask all about them, because you will have to reserve. The Cafe is always available for student tours.

Need a little extra help?


Unfortunately the caves aren't handicapped accessible. Anyone with limited mobility are welcome to ride the elevator and get a glimpse if they want, as well as watching a video of the walking tour.

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When can we go?

Schedules are seasonal. Memorial Day to Labor Day 9am - 6pm.

All year round with seasonal hours.

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