Gymboree Play and Music of Naperville

Naperville, IL

Where are we going?

Gymboree Play and Music of Naperville
2603 Aurora Ave
IL 60540

(630) 428-0730

What is there to do?

Can you count how old you are with just the fingers on one hand?  Lets's right!  If you are aged any of those fun sounding numbers, you can come and play, learn, imagine, create, and grow!

Gymboree Play & Music allows kids to not only shine on their own, but play in specially designed classes with their parents so each can learn and grow from, and with, each other.

Development is key so each class - whether it be play, art or music - will help parents learn about thier children and their development - and kids will love playing alongside their parents!

Don't worry if you are a different age from your friends in center!  Each class is specially designed for age groups within 6 month incriments (that means "additions or series of 6 month blocks"!) so every childs unique abilities will be considered and developed. 

There are loud, and fun music classes which develop melody, tone and rhythm.  There are healthy, active and fun sporting classes to build strong bodies and minds.  There are school skill classes to build confidence, communication and curiosity for preschoolers, as well as creatively messy art classes, family fun classes and the most popular play class. 

If you even love it so much and want to show your friends, you can even hold your birthday party here.  And they can be themed!  How fun!  What will you go as?

How much does it cost?

Adults: $70 for pl

Children: Vary on classes. New member fee $50.

Discount: You can schedule a free trial class!


When can we go?



Any top tips?

There are over 650 locations for Gymboree so if you go on holiday but your kids want to try their hand at a new class, you can always drop pin across the country! - Fun things to do with kids and best places to visit in the US
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