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GW Interactive Zoo

Wynnewood, OK

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Address: 25803 N County Road 3250, Wynnewood, OK 73098, USA Number: 405-665-5197 Website Contact How do we get there?

What is there to do?

The GW Interactive Zoo is like anywhere else on earth! It's actually the WORLD's largest center for big cats that's open to the public, and it's a great way for kids to get up close to some of the most beautiful creatures on our planet.

You are in for some pretty special experiences! There are hundreds of animals that you can have these incredible close encounters with. So close in fact, you might be able to count the whiskers on them!

Of course, the GW Interactive Zoo is more than just big cats. They are home to so many amazing creatures from all over the planet. There are bears, tigers, monkeys, llamas, camels, and a host of birds.

We haven't even started to list them all yet! Have you heard of Ligers? You're in for a treat with these stunning animals!

The GW Interactive Zoo also has fun events across the year, so make sure you check and get these in the diary! Each of the events have their own niche, so you will find something fun for you that's perfect!

They also put on Endangered Species Adventure Tours which are a great way for those animal loving little ones to learn all about not only the animals themselves, but WHY we need to look after them. It's a lesson they will never forget!

Want to spend your birthday with some pretty cool animals? The zoo have party decks that you can have for FREE as part of the package, so why not celebrate with all your friends! 

The animals are waiting for their new friends...yes, we mean you! 

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$10 (Under 12)





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If you can't get to them for your birthday, they can come to you!!

Any top tips?


There are a number of tours you can do, including the Big Cat Feeding Tour and Play Time with a Baby - sweet!

I'm Hungry!


There are vending machines, as well as a tiki bar for the adults.

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Where is it at?


From Oklahoma city go south on I-35 to exit 64 From Dallas go north on I-35 to exit 64

Teachers corner


They have group rates so check them out for the students! They will love the experience - especially the educational side.

Can I get one of those?


There indeed is a gift shop, with unique items, toys and games for you to take home! Fun animal gifts for everyone!

Need a little extra help?


If you have assistance needs, just give them a call to see what they can help you with. They'll be happy to!

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When can we go?

9am - 7pm. 5pm close Nov - March.

365 days a year!

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