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    AVOID THESE PEOPLE! Hired these guys to paint the exterior of my house in fall 2013. Communication was awful. One sunny week, I finally got in touch with them, they said they’d be out the next day, Never showed up. A whole beautiful, sunny week passed and they never came. When they finally answered my email, they said they had been working on another interior job. Then the weather got bad, my house still not even started. I called to get on their list first thing in spring 2014. They actually came out, dropped off ladders, and worked for a couple hours. Then nothing for days. One day their ladders and equipment vanished. I have never heard from them again. They do not answer telephone calls, emails, website inquiries, or even paper mail. These people seem nice enough, but are completely unprofessional, unreliable, and lack the decency to even call me. I can’t comment on the quality of their work because they never DID any.

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