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Kids - what's more fun than a day where you can play on a HUGE indoor play structure? How about a place where your parents can join in!

Going Bonkers is where the whole family - even grandma - can take on the many play activities in this Illinois play center!

Here, it's so much more than just a playground. It's an interactive adventure where those imaginations can run wild, and that energy can be used (and we know those kids have a lot of it!)

With 4 levels, and miles of fun to be enjoyed, the play structure here really will challenge those kids, and give them something to play about!

They can slide, climb, crawl, bounce, weave and jump through their day, with those adults right along side them - you might say its just a place to go bonkers!

If you have little ones in the family, Going Bonkers have a special toddler area just for those under 2 years, so they have a space of their own to play in away from the main playground

Did we mention there is an arcade at Going Bonkers too! With over 50 arcade games, it's a fun way to break up the day of playing, and try and get those high scores and win those redemption prizes!

It's indoor fun for everyone (literally!) at Going Bonkers - so kids, we just have one question left - are you ready to go bonkers now? Great, because we're already there!

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How much does it cost?






$3 (Ages 2-3) / $6 (Ages 4-18)


Free Under

12 months


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Any top tips?


If you LOVE going bonkers, check out the season passes that are great money savers for multiple visits

I'm Hungry!


They have a great restaurant to fill those tummies after all that play! From pizza, to burgers and nuggets, to sandwiches...and of course those treats - those tummies won't be rumbling long!

Healthy Eating
They have healthy options in the restaurant including salads.

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Where is it at?

Can I get one of those?


Socks are available to purchase, as you will need these for the playground play

Need a little extra help?


Just give them a call if you have any questions about visiting with kids with special needs

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When can we go?


10am - 8pm Mon - Thurs / 10am - 10pm Fri & Sat / 11am - 7pm Sun

Year round

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