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Ever played mini-golf? We can hear a lot of yes's! Every played mini-golf in the dark while the course glows? No? Then you're in for a treat! Glow-A-Rama in a super fun entertainment complex which gives kids the incredible and unique experience of glow in the dark mini golf! The whole course is all in blacklight - AND takes you on a journey of the past!

As you make your way around the 18 holes, you will encounter scary dinosaurs coming out of the darkness, brave knights, vicious dragons, swashbuckling pirates, old west cowboys and gun slinging gangsters....all part of the mini-golf course - how cool is that!

The super fun thing about Blacklight is that everything glows! EVERYTHING! The golf balls, the golf clubs, the score sheet, the holes - even the artwork on the walls and the panels!

YOU can even flow if you wear something white!

Once you've finished, watch your step because you'll be heading into the Scaryville Haunted House Room! But don't worry, you might just come across some super heroes to help you on your way out. Stay strong! 

Want to bring your friends to join in the fun? Why not have your birthday party at Glow-A-Rama! There are 4 pirate party rooms and a really fun Blacklight Dance N'Party Room!

Did we mention the game room? And yep - everything is Blacklight! The ping pong, darts, pool table, air hockey....but it makes the challenge so much more!

So if you want to have a unique family experience, Glow-A-Rama certainly is a unique option! 

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How much does it cost?






$7.00. Games Room $2.50 p.p per 30 minutes.



group discounts available


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Any top tips?


Don't forget - if you wear white or tie dye - you will glow too!

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Where is it at?


Glow-A-Rama are located at 19818 Main Street in Buchanan.

From the I-81N, take exit 162, turn right onto Main St. From I-81S, take exits 167 & 168, and head south on Rt 11 for about 1 mile.

Can I get one of those?


You sure can! You can take home T-Shirts, Magnets, Books,..all to remember your fun Blacklight experience by!

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When can we go?


Friday 3:30pm -8pm / Sat Noon -8pm / Sun 1pm - 5pm

Monday to Thursdays private parities only. Open all year round.

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