Emporia Zoo

Emporia, KS

Where are we going?

Emporia Zoo
75 Sodens Rd
KS 66801

620 341 4365

What is there to do?

Here at Family Days Out we love a zoo!  We love seeing all the animals playing with each other, and even trying to spot strange and wonderful species we didn't even know existed (and there are a lot out there!)

Emporia Zoo have reptiles, mammals, amphibians and birds all for you to enjoy, and learn from. Here's a question - do you know what the difference between a reptile and a mammal is?  If you don't, better get down to the zoo to find out!  

Say hello to the American Badger, or perhaps you want to see how the Long-Taile Chinchilla plays with it's friends?  Watch the Bobcat as it moves around it's enclosure, or have a good look at the Souther Three-Banded Armadillo - what strange features do you notice about it? 

Have you ever been out walking and seen something soar above you and not quite know what it is?  They have a host of birds here to look at, you can really get to know them individually and learn what makes the unique - from the iconic Bald Eagle, to the Emu, King Vulture, Short-Eared Owl and the Egret.

It's a great place to learn all about the animals, their habitats and their nature.

They often hold special events too, so keep an eye out for those - some you might not want to miss! In addition, they can also cater for school groups, including a fun week long experience!  

How much does it cost?

Adults: They sell memberships to raise money, but fee entry


Need a little extra help?

They have two wheelchairs available for use, so best if you call ahead so that they can have it ready for you. No motorized vehicles are permitted.


When can we go?

10:00 am - 4:30pm


I’m Hungry!

The concession stand operates 11am - 1pm, weekdays from May to July. Vending machines available when the concession stand is not operating.

Healthy Eating

You are more than welcome to bring your own lunch or snack and enjoy it at one of the many picnic tables located throughout the Zoo!

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