Deep Forest Challenge

Tacoma, WA

Where are we going?

Deep Forest Challenge
5400 N Pearl St
WA 98407


What is there to do?

If you want a big of adventure in nature, then head on over to try the Deep Forest Challenge - right in the heart of a beautiful Washington State forest!

The Deep Forest Challenge has two courses - Super Kid, and the Discovery circuit.

The great thing about having two courses, is that means there is something for everyone! The Super Kid course is relatively low to the ground, and is perfect for kids aged over 5 years. 

Within this course, those little monkeys in training can take on the two zip lines, and up to 15 challenges. It's only about 5.5m high and they are safely strapped in, so they don't need to worry about not looking down!

To begin, those active kids will scale a short wall, then make their way through a net, then navigate a slatted wooden tunnel.  Then it's time to conquer the other challenges!

The more challenging Discovery course is perfect for those little ones ages 8 years and over. Kids - are you ready to take on the 20 foot climbing wall that you have to scale to start the course! This course is over 30 feet and takes you right over the zoo!

Parents - did we tell you that the price includes zoo admission too? Pretty special! 

Each of the courses do require some level of agility, and is great for testing the kids physical and mental toughness. They can also see themselves improving as they go along - which is what we LOVE to see! 

Get ready to hear "let's go again!" - because that's what surely will happen once they finish the Deep Forest Challenge! 

So why not go again!  

How much does it cost?

Adults: Super Kids $22.45 / Discovery $42.45

Children: Super Kids $30.45 / Discovery $40.45

Discount: Seniors and group discounts


Need a little extra help?

You do have to by physically mobile for the course, but if you want to talk to them about your specific situation, just give them a call!


When can we go?

10:00 am - 4:00pm

Weekends Starting April 6th through June 15th


I’m Hungry!

With zoo admission included, you can head on over to the cafe, grille or the ice cream treats to fill up!

Healthy Eating

The Plaza Cafe offer sandwiches and salads! - Fun things to do with kids and best places to visit in the US
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