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    Attended a well run race on a perfect day this weekend…However, I was pretty shocked at how grumpy the people working there were. There was the guy with a badge named Pete yelling at us as we unloaded our car. Like actually yelling “Move it along!”. We have 4 kids, it takes a minute to unload! It’s not like I had parked the car…Being yelled at by some dude just sort of cut into the fun. We park, after being waved to a spot by yet another grumpy guy, then I go in to buy the tickets for me and my kids. The kids are upstairs in the lodge bedlum, and the lady would not sell me a ticket without seeing my kids (!). Has anyone ever heard of this sort of thing anywhere else? Lastly, I was sitting at the bottom of the chairlift, and some kids leave their poles off to the side and hop on the chair. Some bearded dude from the lift walks over, clearly angry (at God knows what), grabs the poles and just chucks them (!) I have never seen anything like it. When the kids skied down and could not find their poles, he comes back out and starts yelling at them in front of everyone “DON”T LEAVE YOUR POLES BY THE LIFT”! Apparently, this is a serious offense.Anyway, it seems the place only employs angry men age 40-60. They are then clearly given the green light to be rude to patrons. It must be because it’s owned by Dartmouth and they don’t need to make money. However, I won’t be going back, and I would strongly encourage others to go somewhere else, where they are nice and happy to have you.

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    The Skiway is a brilliant place for families and skiers of all ages!This area is staffed with concerned, hardworking folks who give 100% to the ski experience. Thanks to the new snow guns, they are also trying nobly to keep global warming at bay. And, since it is small enough for everyone to know the local children well, it is a very safe place for younger (yet expert) skiers to branch off on their “own.”This is a 5 star experience in initially modest wrappings. Visit and enjoy!

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