Ctrl Shift Escape Rooms

Winterville, NC

Where are we going?

Ctrl Shift Escape Rooms
4051 S Memorial Dr
NC 28590

252 591 2665

What is there to do?

Ever wanted to be Sherlock Holmes, where you get to solve puzzles and find clues in order to complete the mystery?

Well - at Ctrl Shift Escape - you can!

Crtl Shift Escape are super fun escape rooms that give you a real life adventure! Here, you are locked in a room in teams (well, not really locked!) where you have to use all of the elements in the room to solve puzzles, find clues, and escape - all in a set time frame!

It's a super fun way to spend time with the family, where you can work together and try and accomplish something super fun!

The games last from around 45 minutes to an hour, and it's a great way to get those kids minds thinking! They also get to learn to work as a team, so it's so much more than just a fun experience for them - they can learn too!

The puzzles might be tricky for those under 12 years, but they can certainly hang out with the family and be the cheerleaders!

You can choose from two rooms - the Blackbeards Quarters, where that menacing pirate has stolen gold and it's your job to find him before he escapes, and the other is John Doe, where there has been a murder and you need to find out who the victim was!

Crtl Shift Escape is a family experience with a different, so if you want something unique and unusual, it's worth a visit!

What better way to bring the family together, than to be locked in a room!

How much does it cost?

Adults: $20 per person

Children: $20 per person


Need a little extra help?

Just speak to staff about the accessibility of the rooms, they will be happy to help!


When can we go?

12pm - 8pm Wed & Thurs / 12pm - 10pm Fri & Sat / 12pm - 7pm Sun

Year round. Closed Mondays and Tuesdays


Any top tips?

It's best to book online rather than walk in, so you know you can get your time slot

I’m Hungry!

There are so many places to enjoy in the local area, just grab something before or after your experience!

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