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    While we appreciate the time it takes to write a review regarding our business, there are a couple of items that need clarification.David Lamoreaux’s review of the Crown Point Family Fun Center mentions a Disney and Videogame themed mini-golf course as well as laser tag, we have neither. David has us confused with a different facility.pinny bebot’s review mentions a rude manager. What she doesn’t mention is that they were refused service for using profanity in the presences of young children. Profanity was screamed at the teenager employed here as well as through out the arcade and into the parking lot and from the vehicle as it left the parking lot. We here at the Crown Point Family Fun Center strive to provide a family friendly atmosphere and this group was extremely vulgar. Our manager’s decision to refuse service was the correct decision and we stand behind him 100%. No family wants to come to a family fun center and be subjected to this type of behavior. Don & Cecilia ErnstOwners, Crown Point Family Fun Center

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    Place is a giant lawsuit waiting to happen. Disney & Videogame themed mini golf. Can’t speak precisely to the lasertag they have there since no one ever plays (there were two of us that wanted to even play), but I know the system they use, there is much better in this town for your money, and the space it’s in extremely tiny. Also the arcade games look like they have been battered. Other minigolf in town, and far better lastertag available where you can find people to play with.

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    My husband and I along with another couple went there on a Thursday in September. They had on their sign a deal for unlimited go karting for $20 3-6pm. We go in and I asked the employee if we could get four passes for the go karting. She told me it was only til 6pm. It was 6:07 when we walked in. So I said to her, could I maybe ask the manager if he would let us get the passes still? The manager was sitting behind her, I didn’t know he was the manager he looked like a regular employee hanging around like the rest of them. He says, what do u need?! I asked him, do u think we could maybe get the $20 passes even though it is after 6? We only will stay around for half an hour. He cuts me off and gruffly just says NO. He didn’t try to explain or anything. I said, there is no other customers..He cuts me off, NO! I said really nicely thats $80 of business for half an hour … He cuts me off again and gruffly says NO!! After him cutting me off the third time my husband says let’s go there’s no point talking.Go karting per person for one ride is $6. It lasts 2-3 min long. That is pretty pricey. But that isn’t what I’m upset with. I’m upset that this manager was rude, treated me,my husband, and friends like a bunch of kids. He didn’t care to kindly say I’m sorry but I cannot make any exceptions. He rudely cut me off and said said no. It isn’t about him even saying no. It didn’t hurt me to ask, what’s the worst he could say? No right? We would have still had a good time. But because he only had a one word vocabulary and no manners he is losing paying customers. We left there pretty annoyed with how he treated us. We didn’t forcefully ask or demand anything yet hee treated us like dogs. He lost $80 that night then some. There was no other customers and about 4-5 employees getting paid to stand around. We will definitely not be going back there. The place looks nice, the prices are a bit high, but that’s fine people will pay for a good time. No one wants to be treated like crap. Manager needs to learn how to do business and treat others with respect.

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