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    Visiting Chucksters on the 17th July 2012 was a dream. I was looking forward to visiting the attraction for quite a while, since the previous time when I came to New York from London. Whilst the Brits may not generally play Baseball nor Softball by a huge amount, not a lot of adjusting was required to get used to facing the ball in the cages, with a non-bounced shot being slammed to the back wall which I believe is known as a “home-run”.I had not done rock/wall climbing or a jumpster (what a great name!) for a considerable amount of time yet I thoroughly enjoyed climbing the four walls right to the top so that my Aunt Pani could take some spectacular snaps. Although I had not been on a jumpster for quite some time, my single enjoyable event awarded me with the capability of doing a back flip, which seemed like a personal achievement that could only be accomplished at a wonderful location like Chucksters, New York!With the brilliant backing of Joseph Underwood throughout the evening’s events, I successfully dragged Randy Stutzman into the aeroball where he defeated me after falling slightly behind. It was what I thought to be the best workout ever constructed, with five minutes of bouncing around, including target aiming, darting around limited areas for catching, throwing with power and (hopefully not to cheesily) being on the ball! It is the best possible exercise imagined by anybody, and all would wish for a follow up five minute workout at the end of the game.Feeling hot with all of the special sports the park has to offer? Whether or not you have a towel (unfortunately in my case it was not but with a wet car), splash over to the Shoot n’ Shower with the opponent (once again Randy Stutzman) to shoot some hoops from a near range with variously sized basketballs. Shoot for half minute rounds and whoever does not win (both contestants if it ends as a tie), gets soaked with water a couple of seconds. It’s the best way to cool off unless Randy triumphantly wins and only gets wet once during the tie…leaving me drenched but cool!Last but not least one must not forget the magnificent mini-golf in the frequently described “golf-park”. With a “19-hole” golf course and a practice green including the world’s longest hole, why go anywhere else in the world for mini-golf? It is very enjoyable and in fact I did not realize I was walking to the start of the longest hole until asked to hurry off by other players. This was after skipping a couple of holes due to the vast amount of time having fun with the other activities at the world-renowned park, Chucksters.I can now picture myself returning to visit the States next year, primarily due to each of the thrilling activities at Chucksters!-Dev Shah, Wembley, London, U.K.

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    This is one of the few places to take a younger sibling, or your kids in this town. The mini-golf is fun and varied. in some instances the water traps actually help you! Aero-ball is my personal favorite. Rockwall and Jumper are also fun. Bathroom on premises, ice cream and food available at certain times during the day.If they ever get go-carts set up this place will become 5 stars.Little pricey if you dont get the package deals.

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    Easily the best mini-golf in the area. They keep expanding so check back often for new things to do

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