CheerFactor KIDS

Foxborough, MA

Where are we going?

CheerFactor KIDS
69 E Belcher Rd
MA 02035


What is there to do?

Give me a 'C'!  Give me an 'H'.....!  Cheerleading doesn't have to be for high schoolers - those little cheering tots from 9 months to 5 years can come and grow their muscles and their minds as they are introduced to the basics of gymnastics.

There are apparatus to teach them beams, bars, springs and rings, so they can work on their flexibility, strength, balance and co-ordination through various fun ames, skill drills and props.

They can climb up and over, climb under and even upside down!  All parts of their fun and playful gymnastic program use pint-sized bars, beams, trampolines and rings as well as a nurturing approach to the sport, so they can participate in the years to come.

The open play is a great chance for the kids to enjoy play dates, in all weather, and to play and learn, and explore at their own pace, and with thier friends. 

There are also Tiny Tumblers classes for those 3 - 6 - both beginner and advanced levels.  They will work on their basic tumbling skills, as well as strength and jumps.  Advanced tumblers are able to work on their own skills such as round off back handsprings!  Impressive!

Once they have mastered the basic skills, the gym have a host of other classes to ensure their skills can continue to improve as they grow! 

Kids, don't forget staying active is so good for you, you will feel great and it's super fun!  Much better than sitting watching TV don't you think?

How much does it cost?

Adults: No Charge

Children: $10 per class

Discount: $7 for 5 classes


When can we go?

Class times vary


I’m Hungry!

There is a fully stocked vending machine on the site, and the gym is just minutes from the center of Foxboro where you can get a whole range of yummy and healthy foods to refill your rumbling tummies! - Fun things to do with kids and best places to visit in the US
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