Bouncin Bears

Wasilla, AK

Where are we going?

Bouncin Bears
2951 East Bogard Road

907 522 3277

What is there to do?

Are you ready to BOUNCE? We hope so, because Bouncin' Bears are filled with fun, inflatable bouncers where kids can bounce and bounce until their heart's content!

It may be located in Alaska, but don't worry when winter rolls in, because these bouncers are all indoors - so you can have year round fun even when the weather isn't as enjoyable!

All of the inflatables at Bouncin' Bears are themed, which means the kids imagination can go wild as they make their way around these colorful activities. 

It's not only bouncy castles at Bouncin' Bears that will keep those active kids happy. There are also fun inflatable obstacle courses that can challenge the kids, and slippery slides where they can zoom and zip down over and over - as much as they like!

If you have little ones in the family, then head on over to the area just for them! Perfect for those under 3's, this toddler area has age appropriate activities, where toddlers can spend time with others their own age. Sounds great!

It's a day of bouncing fun for the whole family!

If you are celebrating that special birthday, why not celebrate it with the staff at Bouncin' Bears? They would love to give you the best party possible, and it's always fun to bounce with friends too!

So why not have a BOUNCING family day out at Bouncin' Bears on your next family days out!

How much does it cost?

Adults: Free

Children: $6 - $15


Need a little extra help?

Speak to staff if you have any questions about special needs that you might need help with!


When can we go?

10am - 7pm weekdays / 10am - 4pm Sat / 12pm - 4pm Sun

All year round


Any top tips?

You need socks to play, so make sure you bring them along!

I’m Hungry!

If you visit on the Wednesday, you can take your own snacks! - Fun things to do with kids and best places to visit in the US
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