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    twice i’ve gone over when they tell me on the phone that they will be open until a certain time, only to get there and find out that they booked a ‘last minute’ party and i have to go home with a crying kid. Today’s excuse was, “we posted the change of time on the door” it was a piece of paper taped on the door with marker, seriously lady? just say you forgot you had a party that day. I can’t believe I drove all the way over there for nothing, not even a sorry from the girl that had told me on the phone they’d be open until 6. Like i said, it’s not the first time, so obviously they are very disorganized with their schedules…. Don’t recommend it at all…I switched to “Pump it up” they have a set schedule and stick to it. I mean, it’s all about customer service, right? A “sorry” would’ve been nice, but the lady just kept saying the notice was at the door…uh, i’m supposed to see that via satellite from my house..?? ’cause it sure wasn’t online or by phone when i called that day. You just lost a customer and more than likely the rest of my friends and family.

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