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    This place would have been awesome in the 1970’s. Basically a prison for animals with only a few looking like they wanted to be there…most notably the domestic cat walking around freely. It was a little sad to see a black bear caged up in less than 100 square feet when his natural habitat is right there…literally right outside his cage and he can probably smell his cousins freely walking by in the woods just beyond his cell. The tootsie rolls stuck to the goats were a nice touch. Speaking of the goats…I believe the milk for the coffee at the snack bar is “local”. I’m no bleeding heart naturalist but if you love animals….really care for animals…don’t come to or support places like this. I’m all for ensuring species are propogated for posterity but this should be at large, fully recognized and sanctioned facilities…not animal prison freak shows like this. Sad. Old. Rough. Did I say sad already?

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    Lots of cute animals who are very friendly and it’s just a mile from the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon!