Adventure Park at Grants Mill

Irondale, AL

Where are we going?

Adventure Park at Grants Mill
5447 Beacon Drive

205 745 1487

What is there to do?

We KNOW kids have endless energy, and sometimes they just need a place where they can stay active all day, and head home exhausted, and happy!

Adventure at Grants Mill is ALL about giving kids a host of super fun activities that will challenge, excite, amuse, and exhaust! No matter what those active kids of yours are interested in, they will be able to find something that suits.

Those kids who LOVE to bounce should start with the Bungee Dome Trampolines! It's just like bouncing on the moon, and kids (and parents too!) can let go of their limitations and just feel what it's like to fly! Kids will be zooming 24ft into the air, so the perfect place to try those flips and twists, too!

How about mini golf? Adventure Park has 18 holes for you to conquer, with fun around every turn. Make sure the pirates don't stop you from getting those holes in one!

Feeling the need to get behind the wheel? Why not check out the very cool Pedal Karts! At Adventure Park at Grants Mill, they are the ONLY park in the state that features 3 and 4 wheeled pedal powered karts. How cool is that!

For those kids who just love a challenge, and really testing their skills, the adventure courses are perfect for them! If you have younger kids, or less experienced, they will be best trying the Low Beginner Course, with swinging logs, foot bridges, hanging nets, and lots of wobbly bridges to build up that balance!

For those a little more confidence, and parents this means you too, you can try the 45 elements on the High Advanced Course, with swinging tired, tube nets, cat walks ... no two paths are the same!

With rock climbing walls, zorbing tracks, and spider web climbs all there to round out your amazing day, Adventure Park at Grants Mills is such a fun way for the whole family to really test themselves - so what are you waiting for!

How much does it cost?

Adults: Pay and play from $5. All activities once: $45

Children: Same as adult


Need a little extra help?

Speak to staff if you have any questions about accessibility, or if you need any assistance


When can we go?

2pm - 9pm daily. 10am - 1pm for groups only

All year round. Closed 4th July.


Any top tips?

Maximum weight in 250lbs, but no experience is necessary for any of the activities!

I’m Hungry!

They don't sell any food. They are located in a shopping center parking lot where you can find other restaurants. They do have two coke machines.

Healthy Eating

It's a good idea to take a bottle of water with you - Fun things to do with kids and best places to visit in the US
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