Action Wildlife Park

Goshen, CT

Where are we going?

Action Wildlife Park
337 Torrington Rd
CT 06756

860 482-4465

What is there to do?

Love animals? Then you better keep reading because we're going to tell you all about Action Wildlife Park, where the whole family can learn, and observe animals from ALL around the world!

There are animals from New Zealand, India, Asia, and even the Arctic! Any visit to this park is an education in animal life and habitats, but it's also a fun experience - especially the kids when they get to touch and feed the smaller animals in their sweet petting zoo. Older kids might find the museum more fascinating...want to know why?

Well, if you want to get REALLY close to some animals, the museum is your place! All on display at taxidermy animals (kids, if you don't know what that means, ask your parents!) all displayed in their natural settings. There are even two waterfalls on display!

There is also an educational center which is very hands-on for kids, where they can play, learn and interact.

Then, there is the 116 acres that you can explore with all the animals, as well as the 50 acres for the new drive thru safari that they have just completed. If you experience the very fun seasonal hayride, you will have the chance to view more than 32 species of amazing exotic animals - from the Aoudad to the Zebu. 

Other animals you might experience during your time at Action Wildlife Park range from bison, deer, llamas, water buffalo, yaks, zebras, swans, oryx, and Ibex. A real range! 

Make sure you have your cameras on hand,  because you won’t want to miss any of the animal experiences you will have with your family! 

How much does it cost?

Adults: $10

Children: $8 for under 12s

Family Deals: Family season pass for $250.


Need a little extra help?

The roads are dirt and gravel, but they are wheelchair accessible.


When can we go?

Spring: Friday 10:30am - 3:30pm / weekends 10am - 4pm. Summer - Tues - Sunday 10am - 4:30pm. / Fall

Closed in winters.


Any top tips?

If you want a hayride, they are seasonal and available in October on weekends. Group rides can be booked April to October by appointment.

I’m Hungry!

There are places for picnics so why not pack some yummies and make your way down by the pond to enjoy it! - Fun things to do with kids and best places to visit in the US
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