Victoria Butterfly Gardens

Brentwood Bay, BC

Where are we going?

Victoria Butterfly Gardens
1461 Benvenuto Avenue
Brentwood Bay
V8M 1J5


What is there to do?

Fancy spending the day around some pretty incredible creatures that we have on this planet? Really COLORFUL ones too!?

Then head over to the Victoria Butterfly Gardens! It's a place where kids can experience the beauty, excitement and warmth of that tropical jungle they have seen in books, without having to actually head into the tropics!

An indoor tropical wonderland awaits, that's FILLED with some pretty cool creatures! The Caribbean flamingos will walk past you and through steams and ponds. The colorful goldfish and koi swim around you. And some creatures you might never have heard of will come to say hello! Plecos, barbs, tetras, and cichlids sound familiar? (We didn't think so!)

There are even sweet red-eared sider turtles and whistling tree ducks all the way from Australia!

The climate is a controlled 25 Celsius, so you always know what you're getting into! Spend the day wandering through lush jungles or plants that are native to those beautiful tropical rainforest environments. Walk along the trails that will take you past organic vanilla beans that grow on the vines (smell them - it will be like vanilla ice cream!)

We know you've seen them in the shops, but have you ever known where coffee, pineapple, ginger and papaya comes from? At the Victoria Butterfly Gardens you can see for yourself! 

The jungle around you is filled with a whole range of animal species that you can get up close to. Do you think you can spot the 2 chameleons that blend into the trees? You might have better luck with the 6 varieties of poison dart frog, or the 4 varieties of geckos. There are even tortoises over 60lbs that you can see!

Amazing! Victoria Butterfly Gardens awaits you with it's tropics and beautiful creatures! 

How much does it cost?

Adults: $16

Children: $5 (Ages 5 to 12)

Free Under: 5 years old

Family Deals: 10% discount for families


Need a little extra help?

There is disabled access but due to CFIA regulations and the protection of the butterflies the doors do not open automatically. They do have toilet facilities that are wheel chair accessible.


When can we go?

10am - 3pm daily. Explore until 4pm.

Open Daily except Dec 25 and Jan 1


Any top tips?

Wear red or yellow clothing and use fruit scented hand lotion for the best chance to get butterflies to land on you!

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