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Address: Ukkusiksalik National Park, Keewatin, Unorganized, NU X0C, Canada Number: 888 773 8888 Website Contact How do we get there?

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Ukkusiksalik National Park is located just west of the community of Repulse Bay and the Arctic Circle, and really is one of the most incredible places that you could visit in Canada! With stunning scenery, and amazing wildlife, it really is an adventurous day out for the adventurous family!

The park surrounds Wager Bay, a 100 km long saltwater inlet on the northwest coast of Hudson Bay in Nunavut, and it was named after the soapstone that was found within its boundaries.

Over 500 archaeological sites have been identified in the park, including such features as fox traps, tent rings, and food caches. Pretty cool! Kids can really enjoy a history lesson as they see the reminders of human culture that have been passing through the area for thousands of years.

Life would have been pretty different back then!

While Inuit do hunt in the region, the parkland is uninhabited, so it really gives you an incredible sense of isolation. Inuit had lived in the area from 1000 AD through to the 1960s, and the Hudson’s Bay Company had a trading post there from 1925-1947.

Keep an eye out for the wildlife that will be popping up around the national park too! You might spot a grizzly, or polar bear, or caribou. You might even spot an Arctic wolf!

If you want to be really adventurous, why not paddle out or boat into the sea and see if you can spot the beluga whales or seals. If it's frozen, the snowmobiles are always popular!

If you visit in summer, the midnight sun will be waiting, so why not head out for an adventure of a lifetime in Canada's north!


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It can be a harsh land, so advisable for older kids only. The winds and cold can be hard.

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The best times to visit are in July and August, and in Spring until early May. Over fall and winter there are too many hazards including bears.

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Make sure you take plenty of food for everyone, especially healthy food that will keep that energy up

Healthy Eating Take plenty of bottled water

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Where is it at?


The office in Repulse Bay is a great place to start, but the park is accessed from Rankin Inlet, Repulse Bay, Coral Harbour, Baker Lake or Chesterfield Inset. It's a 7 hour boat trip

Need a little extra help?


Speak to those at the Repulse Bay office to get advise on your situation

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When can we go?

Daylight access for park. Office hours are weekdays 8:30am - 5pm

Advisable in summer only, and spring until May

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Ukkusiksalik National Park

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