Sirmilik National Park


Where is it at?

Sirmilik National Park

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Where are we going today?

There are wonderful national parks, and then there are unforgettable national parks, and Sirmilik National Park just might be the latter!

This stunning landscape in northern Nunuvat is comprised of three areas - Bylot Island, Olive Sound, and the Borden Peninsula.

Bylot Island is filled with awe inspiring rugged mountains, glaciers and icefields, seabird colonies and coastal lowlands.

Oliver Sound is a long, narrow fiord with excellent opportunities for boating, hiking and camping.

Borden Peninsula is an extensive plateau dissected by broad river valleys.

No matter what area you choose to explore, there is so much to do for those adventurous families! You can hike where the snowy owls hunt, or paddle among the floating ice. Keep those eyes open, because there might just be some beluga whales and seals too!

Get ready for some amazing wildlife experiences!

The park features landforms and superb wilderness hiking and camping, and a major seabird colony in the vicinity of Baillarge Bay.

If you want to experience culture too, make a stop at the Inuit, Thule and European cultural sites. Don't miss that amazing midnight sun too!

Adventure, nature, wildlife and culture are all waiting for you at the Sirmilik National Park - a once in a lifetime experience for all!

How much does it cost?

Adults: $12 - $24.50

Children: Same as adult


Need a little extra help?

You will need to be physically active to truly explore the region


When can we go?

Daylight access. Visitor Centre open 8:30am - 5pm weekdays.

Year round.


Any top tips?

You get there from Pond Inlet or Arctic Bay. There are a number of local outfitters who can be hired to offer a boat if needed.

I’m Hungry!

Take healthy snacks, and lots of things to keep that energy up

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