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    Stayed here for a few months last summer. The park is beautiful and there is an abundance of activities to enjoy right outside your door. The park offers riverfront sites (quite a few) but I found it better to be set back just a bit from the water as it was a little loud (the water), a lovely little beach, although you may find yourself gazing longingly at the other bank and its sandy beach (not to worry though as the river is narrow enough to cross and when you do (if you are brave enough) there is a small “cliff” that you can climb and jump into the river below. There are many nature trails to be found in the area surrounding the park, the trail along the river is my favorite but the forest trails are equally amazing and majestic. Also, if you like fishing this river has more salmon than water at times, crayfish too are very abundant as well as many other types (that I didn’t have the pleasure of catching). I saw quite a few people fly fishing as well. On the property there is a swimming pool that is very clean and well maintained with bathroom/showers and laundry facilities in the adjoining building. Also in that building is a small arcade that has just been upgraded with new machines. I personally wasn’t impressed with the selection but the kids seemed to think they were fun. There are many people who stay there seasonally and everyone i(that I met) seemed very friendly and welcoming.There were some negatives despite the otherwise wonderful experience we had there. The owners were very nice and friendly towards us however they had certain rules that we found slightly frustrating especially as they only seemed to apply to some of the guests . Visitors had to be out of the park by 10pm and the one (and only) night I had company that late we received a warning and were told we were being to loud. The reason I mention this is that there were only four of us sitting and quietly talking around our fire pit and the “company” was my parents! A truly wild and crazy night 🙂 In addition, at some point during our stay they created a new rule regarding use of the pool for our guests…we were required to pay an extra $5 per child per hour! So if my children had there friends visit for the day…pay pay pay! Speaking of which, the cost of staying there seemed astronomical compared to similar locations in the area. We payed over $1000 per month for a tiny little campsite that they originally quoted as less than $500. When we left at the end of our stay…my son wanted to go back and visit some of the friends that he made and he was told he would have to pay $5 just to set foot on the property! He came back home in tears and said that the owner had been very mean to him. So, these things somewhat take away from a otherwise very enjoyable stay.