Katannilik Territorial Park

Baffin, NU

Where are we going?

Katannilik Territorial Park
Katannilik Territorial Park

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What is there to do?

We here at Family Days Out think its much more fun and entertaining to get out into nature and explore, have fun and stay active rather than sitting in front of a computer playing games all day.  Who's with us!?

The Katannilik Territorial Park is an incredible spot for the whole family to explore the beautiful Canadian wilderness.  Unguided, you can take your time and really immerse yourself in the stunning nature around you.  This is one of the most stunning and remote locations in Canada. 

The park is often called "The Home Of The Waterfalls" - can you guess why?

There are some beautiful hiking spots, such as the Itijjagiaq trail (guess how you pronounce that!), you can cool off in the summer heat as you canoe the Soper River with 1000 feet of valley looming over you, as you try and spot the peregrine falcons at Mount Joy!

You might also spot caribou, arctic hare, wolves and other beautiful wildlife as you hike through the valley. 

If you see something shiny, its probably the gorgeous gem stone lapis lazuli - this area has the worlds only natural deposits!  And they're pretty!

If you are there at the right time, you might be very lucky to spot the Aurora Borealis, otherwise known as the Northern Lights.  These beautiful light formations in the sky stretch 60  miles above the Earths surface!  No two lights are the same, and you certainly won't forget them if you see them!

When can we go?

Visitor centre hours vary seasonally.


Any top tips?

This is one of Canada's most beautiful areas. Make sure you take everything with you when you leave, and be mindful of your rubbish. The next family will love to see it just as unspoilt as you have!

I’m Hungry!

Make sure you go prepared with some lunch and snacks when you go off for your hikes and adventures. You will get an appetite very quickly!

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