Elgin County Railway Museum

Saint Thomas, ON

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Address: St. Thomas, ON N5P 4H4, Canada Number: 519-637-6284 Website Contact How do we get there?

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The Elgin County Railway Museum offers lots of experiences for visitors and will enable everyone to immerse themselves in history! From field trips to regular tours, they aim to engage visitors in all things rail! 

The railway museum is a thriving organisation, with 52,000 square foot to explore! Discover the steam, diesel and electric engines, passengers cars and more! There are 3 rolling stock available for visitors to go inside and take a look! 

The railway city is an open exhibit, allowing you to walk through the history of rail in St.Thomas and beyond. Learn how the city became known as the railway city and what lines and trains were runnng through. New artifacts are switched in to the displays each season, allowing something new everytime you visit. 

The Wall of Fame is a display of railworkers from all streams across the glove. Theres around 2000 plaques in total! Plaques commemorating your family, friends, and heroes can be ordered in our gift shop and will be added to the wall every month!

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They offer school trips and tours for groups and classes!

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There are items and gifts available to buy online.

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