Clay Cafe Dartmouth

Dartmouth, NS

Where are we going?

Clay Cafe Dartmouth
650 Portland Street
Suite 108
Nova Scotia B2W6A3


What is there to do?

Want to get creative? Let those creative juices flow when you visit Clay Cafe Dartmouth!

Clay Cafe Dartmouth is a paint your own pottery experience for all ages. You can drop in anytime, no need to reserve, and all you need to do is bring your creativity!

Anyone can enjoy this fun experience because you don't need to actually MAKE your own pottery pieces. You just paint them! When you arrive you just select a pre-made piece to bring to life. It might be a money bank, or a pot, or animals, or a monster!

At the studio they have a host of items that will let you express yourself how YOU want. They have stamps, stencils, patternbooks, images, and finished pieces to inspire you.

Maybe it's a present for Dad that the kids can make, or create a keepsake for Grandma.

Once you have finished, your piece stays at Clay Cafe for 4 to 6 days as they put the finishing touches on to ensure your design doesn't come off, and then you just take it home!

Clay Cafe Dartmouth also host birthday parties and private get togethers too, if you want to bring your friends along.

So kids, is there an inner Picasso in you waiting to come out? Let's get working on that masterpiece, and see where the paint takes you!

How much does it cost?

Adults: Pieces individually priced, ranging from $5 to $35. Average is $15 to $25. All materials and services included in this cost


When can we go?

12pm - 9pm Mon - Thurs, 10am - 10pm Fri & Sat, 10am - 6pm Sun

Open year round


Any top tips?

You can pick up a Take Home Kit, so they fun can keep going in the comfort of your own home!

I’m Hungry!

They serve coffee, tea, hot chocolate, as well as cold drinks and a few snacks to tide you over whilst you create your masterpiece - Fun things to do with kids and best places to visit in the US
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