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    I visited the Tobruk Sheep Station in July ’13. We were greeted and led inside by an Ausie shepherd on horseback and warmly welcome by all of the staff. The day started with some billy tea and toasts while the customs and plan for the day were explained and some impressive whip cracking was performed. We were then allowed to spend time with the sheep, feeding them and taking pictures, before the exciting performance of the working dogs and the demonstration of wool making. The fun time began when we took part in the dancing and singing and had a lovely “Christmas in July” lunch. Afterwards, we had quite some time to pet the koala, wombat, joey, and a variety of irresistibly adorable baby farm animals, the experience of which will always be remembered as cuteness overdose. The sheep station is quite a drive from the city, but if you have a car or can book a tour, it is highly recommended for families and groups.