Perth Zoo

South Perth, WA

Where are we going?

Perth Zoo
20 Labouchere Rd
South Perth WA 6151

8 9474 0444

What is there to do?

Perth Zoo is one of the world's leading conservation zoos, and at more than 100-years-old, it is a West Australian icon! So if you're in Perth, you should definitely make a stop!

The animal collection at Perth Zoo is diverse, with about 170 species, and around 1200 animals - and it's where the animal world comes to YOU!

The modern exhibits emphasise and encourage the natural behaviours, so kids will be able to really see how the animals act as they should. Because of this, kids, you might need to be patience with some animals!

Kids will be able to see some of their favourite animals around Perth Zoo, but they also might learn about some new species they haven't heard of before! Have you ever seen an Asian elephant up close, or watched a Komodo Dragon make it's way around?

The African Savannah is calling with those creatures you know and love, from the grand lion, to the tallest of giraffe and the Plains Zebra. You might feel like you are on safari!

But have you ever seen a Fennec Fox in action, or a Hamadryas Baboon? Now is your chance!

South African animals are waiting too, from the cute primates including the tamarin and marmoset, but also iconic creatures such as the Galapagos Tortoise.

But it's not just creatures from across the waters that you can see at Perth Zoo. In fact, there are some creatures from our very own backyard within the zoo - and you might be surprised what lives nearby! You can meet the Estuarine Crocodile, and the Numbat, and even the quite Quokka.

Don't miss the nocturnal house because they are filled with those creatures you might never see - because they are awake when you're asleep!

The gardens are also an integral part of the Perth Zoo experience with many significant plantings including trees over 100 years old. The grounds include an impressive collection of local flora including Western Australian wild flower displays in spring (from September through October), as well as a Rainforest Retreat containing more than 5,000 plants and one of the finest collections of palms in southern Australia.

So why not spend the day with animals from all over the world, and teach kids about conversation, the environment, and nature! It's a WILD family day out! 

How much does it cost?

Adults: $29

Children: $14 (Ages 4-15 years)

Discount: Concessions and seniors $22

Free Under: 4 years.


Need a little extra help?

There are disabled toilets in the zoo, and they offer wheelchairs. There is an accessibility map too which shows you the different areas that focus on certain types of disability


When can we go?

9am - 5pm daily.

All year round. Closes at 4pm New Years Eve.


Any top tips?

Items such as chips, lollies, bread, nuts and even fruit can be disastrous for some animals if thrown into their exhibits. Ignoring their request not to feed the animals could mean sickness and even death for your favourite animal.

I’m Hungry!

They have snacks, drinks and meals at the Wild Bites cafe! They have cakes, wraps, sushi, sandwiches, burgers, hot dogs, and more!

Healthy Eating

They have free electric BBQs and picnic tables for you to use. - Fun things to do with kids and best places to visit in the US
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