Pimpama, QLD

Where are we going?

232 Old Pacific Highway
Pimpama QLD 4209

07 55476300

What is there to do?

We can keep this simple - want to be strapped into a big ball and pushed down a big hill? Of course you do!

There is a good chance that zorbing at OzBall is nothing like anything you have experienced before!

You jump inside a giant, 3 metre, inflated ball - which also happens to be very bouncy! When you get strapped in, and it starts to roll - so do you!

It is a complete hair raising adventure! Kids can enjoy it with or without water, and parents don't you worry - there's no excuses for you because you can join in too! They are perfect for kids aged 6 years old and older.

There is the Harness Zorb and the hydro ride. The harness Zorb ride is a faster and more thrilling experience and something different from the gentle swishing of the hydro ride.  Don't worry, you will be protected and safe but doesn't stop the ball following fast down the hill!

Those water babies will love the hydro rides, which include the huge PVC OzBall, but there is that one extra element - water! 

Most kids are fearless on this ride, so parents take notes! The dual kids hydro ride is a great way for family or friends to join and get a thrill for two!

Make sure you have a towel and a camera ready, because you will want to capture the moment (and dry yourself off - you will be dripping wet!) 

Fancy a bit more of a challenge with OzBall? Then why not try and stay upright as you do it! It's a great way to try and challenge yourself and maybe see who out of your family can stay upright the longest!

OzBall is challenging physical fun, and a great way for the family to enjoy the day together! 


How much does it cost?

Adults: From $60

Children: From $40


When can we go?

Booking required.


Any top tips?

For the Hydro Ball, the maximum total rider weight must not exceed 210kgs. Any rider over 120kgs must ride as a single.
For the Harness Ball, the minimum height is 145cms and minimum weight is 40kgs. There is a maximum weight of 100kg per rider and riders must be within 30kg of each other.

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