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    This modern facility is tucked-away at the rear (west side) of the campus of Eastern Florida State College in Cocoa. There is a large central lobby, a theatre/planetarium, and an observatory that features one of the largest telescopes (24″ reflector) open to the public in the state. Check out the web site (Google “EFSC Planetarium and Observatory”) to check out what shows they’re doing and the evenings when the observatory is open. The central lobby features astronomical exhibits as well as fun science things like a Foucault pendulum and a pair of acoustic parabolic reflectors that kids enjoy whispering into and being heard across the room at the other reflector. The planetarium is very respectable and comfortable and features pre-recorded shows as well as typical sessions about constellations in the current night sky. Very reasonably priced. I have been to a number of first-class planetariums and was amazed to find this fine one in the Melbourne FL area.