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Leo's Kingdom Party & Play Centre Melbourne

Melbourne, VIC

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Address: 61-69 Dohertys Rd, Altona North VIC 3025 Number: (03) 9369 6888 Website Contact How do we get there?

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Leo's Kingdom is a Melbourne party venue that offers the best of both worlds - fun for all ages and an exciting environment. With four different themed rooms, you're sure to find one perfect fit with their wide range packages available! Whether your child wants more adventure in Princess or less activity while playing at Superhero room; whether they prefer acting out scenes from superhero movies using imaginary abilities -- there really isn't any reason not book Leo’s Kingdom today as part.

Leo's Kingdom offers a variety of packages to choose from in one of its four themed rooms, with an emphasis on providing fun and entertainment for younger guests. The centre has party planning tailored just right so that you can focus less on hosting your child’s next birthday celebration while still enjoying it yourself! Whether they're having their first or fifth celebrations at Leo,"s kingdom , every kid will enjoy himself equally as he takes part fully during all aspects - including playing games like Superheroes vs Villians; exploring our awesome obstacle courses which include everything from running races through fields full crops plants.
Leo himself might even drop by to give you the lowdown on what makes our party rooms so great, and assist with any questions or queries that come up along the way! We offer an exciting array in one-hour sessions across four different themes: fantasy (with princess parties), jungle adventures featuring superheroes plus other fun activities; Indulgent Scavenger Hunts designed especially suiting smaller children who prefer playtime over participated games such as painting etc.;And lastly there are toddler time classes where small fry can learn how crawl while getting supervision at same.

What are you waiting for? Book your next kids' party at Leo's Kingdom, the Melbourne centre that offers a variety of packages to suit every age group. With four themed rooms — Fantasy!, Princess!, Jungle!! or Superhero!!!-- our friendly staff will ensure an exciting play experience with plenty of room to free-flow and explore! Don't forget about birthday surprises from owner/mastermind extraordinaire Leisure Time Entertainment Inc., who might just drop by during their visit.

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We offer a variety of packages, including four themed parties: Princess and Superhero bathes for younger children or Jungle confections suited towards older ones; either way you'll be sure to find something that will delight your little one on their big day! And when it comes time enjoy themselves at Leo’s kingdom too-they can do so without any worries as we have our awesome staff ready 24/7 just waiting with bells ringing should anything arise (which hopefully won't happen often).

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Mon-Fri 9:30 Sat-Sun 10AM

Mon-Fri 6PM Sat-Sun 4PM

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