Launceston City Ghost Tours

Launceston, TAS

Where are we going?

Launceston City Ghost Tours
14 Brisbane St
Launceston TAS 7250

0421 819 373

What is there to do?

If you want to hear some BUMPS in the night, and meet the other residents in Launceston that you CAN'T see, then why not take the family on a journey with Launceston Ghost Tours?

Launceston has a fascinatingly deep and dark convict past. It's a past that was filled with torturous deaths (ouch!) and deaths filled with heartache and pain (double ouch!). Imagine the streets filled with murderers, petty thieves, and ill-treated slaves....doesn't sound too great a place to live does it!

Well, luckily for you, it's not like that anymore (it's actually very beautiful!) but the stories are still there to be heard...and perhaps seen! BOO!

Launceston Ghost Tours offer three tours, so you can pick which is the best option for your family.

There are adult ghost tours, then tours perfect for those younger kids (which are great for birthday parties too!), as well as educational tours.

The kids tour is based on the history of Tasmania, and includes a wide range of stories from the original plot

Throughout the tours, you will experience...screaming....and loud noises *shiver!*....and darkness....oooooh! Some of their guests have actually experienced unexplained paranormal feelings too!

The guides are great, and they know how to adapt the gore-level depending on the age of the audience. However, if you do have nervous children it might be best to look into it further as there are noises that might make them jump a little too high!

The walking on the tours is paced very easily, and they ensure there are plenty of stops to make sure it's suitable for all levels of mobility. 

We hope you are ready to have a spooooky time - we know we are! BOO!

How much does it cost?

Adults: $25

Children: $5 (Under 11 years) to $15 (12 to 16)

Family Deals: $55 (2A and 3C under 16)


Need a little extra help?

The walking is easy, so accessible to everyone. There are frequent stops too


When can we go?

Ghost Tours depart at nightfall.

All year round.


Any top tips?

The birthday party ghost tour is also a 60 minute walking tour with stories created around the birthday girl and birthday cake can finish the night. - Fun things to do with kids and best places to visit in the US
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