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    It is worth every moment of the journey from Perth to Mandurah, then Dwellingup to experience the Hotham Valley train. As a Brit who has enjoyed the trains from Sydney to Melbourne, to Adelaide, to Alice Springs this was the icing on the cake of Australian railway experience. Run by volunteers the Saturday evening meal venture was quite unique. My host family and I were a big enough party to enjoy the “Commissioner’s” carriage by the bar. While I am sure we had the same level of quality service as our fellow travellers, the friendliness, professionalism and sheer energy of all the staff made it one of those trips of a life time. The meal was delicious, the service personal and convivial. A great team of folk keeping this part of Australian heritage on track. Thank you so much. To those of you who are reading this build it into your itinerary and arrive a little earlier to enjoy the bar just by the car park. If you arrive any earlier go and experience a bit of the Baden Powell camping areas, some lovely scenery. All in all a great day.