Flight Experience Perth

Northbridge, WA

Where are we going?

Flight Experience Perth
355 Newcastle St
Northbridge WA 6003

08 9228 8737

What is there to do?

Who's ready to get up into the clouds and experience flying a Boeing 737 for real! Well, it's almost real...you get to stay on the ground!

Flight Experience offers kids over 10 and of course their families a chance to experience what it's like to pilot an actual Boeing 737! This realistic flight simulator is about as close as it gets to the real thing!

When you arrive, you make your way to Check-In to get your boarding pass (we didn't say it was just the flight itself that was like the real deal!) Here you meet your First Officers who will be joining you on your flight - and they are actually real pilots!

Once you have been briefed, you make your way into the cockpit - find out what is really behind that mysterious door that gets you safely to your destinations! Familiarise yourself with all the controls, and get ready for take off. From one of the 24,000 airports you can choose from, you can make your way to the runway.  Faster, faster, and suddenly the nose wheels are up in the air and you're off in the sky!

Take in the incredible sights below you - what countries can you spot? What does it feel like to make your way through the clouds? Pretty incredible huh!?

Don't relax too much - you have a destination to get to! A pilot's job is never done - check in with Air Traffic Control to see what the situation is like at your final destination. Is the weather okay to land? 

Getting closer to your final port of call, you make your final checks and prepare for landing.  And....touchdown! You have successfully piloted a Boeing! 

Kids will love the sense of achievement that goes with handling such a large aircraft, all from the safety of the ground.  Beginners will love the experience, along with the guidance they will have from start to finish. Those more experienced and wanting a challenge can add extra hurdles such as bad weather and a challenging approach.

Flight Experience has a number of packages available, but the 60 minute flight is the most popular, but there are other options.

If you want to show off in front of mum and dad, no problem! There are actually 2 seats available for them to watch you take on the world! 

An incredible once-in-a-lifetime Flight Experience! 

How much does it cost?

Adults: From $99. $295 for the 60 mins package

Children: Same as adults


When can we go?

Call them for times of the package you want


Any top tips?

Rarely has a kid said the hour package is too long, so definitely consider the 60 minute option. Time flies when you're having fun - literally!

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