Collingwood Childrens Farm

Docklands, VIC

Where are we going?

Collingwood Childrens Farm
Capital City Trail
Docklands VIC 3008

3 9417 5806

What is there to do?

Old McDonald might have had a farm, but it probably wasn't as fun as Collingwood Children's Farm!

Collingwood Children's Farm has a whole range of fun family activities to enjoy, AND of course those fun farm animals to say hello to!

Have you ever milked a cow? Well, now you can have a go! Heather, their very lovely Ayrshire cow and is milked twice a day - 10am and 4pm. She's very gentle so don't be shy! The milk then goes onto feed the calves or any orphans lambs of kids that might be on the farm.

The farm has a resident donkey named Mickie (hey he's so fine!) who's friends with Joe the pony, so why not come in and join their group of friends! Mickie loves to have his neck scratched, and loves to go for a walk around the farm and say hi to everyone!

If you love horses, you will LOVE the 7 horses that are all very quiet and super friendly. They even offer pony rides during the week!

Oink Oink...the Berkshire pigs are in town!  Typoon, Greta and their boar currently call the farm home, and it's a great way for kids to learn about this wonderful species, and why they are now rare!

With goats, geese, sheep and ducks, there are plenty of animal experiences to be had!

Collingwood Children's Farm also has a market where you can pick up some pretty amazing vegetables, or you can visit one of the city's best cafes - the Farm Cafe! It's a great spot for parents to relax as the kids run around and cuddle all the animals! 

With special events and school holiday attractions, as well as seasonally themed activities, there will always be something fun to do at Collingwood Children's Farm!

Old McDonald who?

How much does it cost?

Adults: $9

Children: $5

Family Deals: $18 (2A and up to 4C)


Need a little extra help?

If you have special needs, just give them a call to see how they can help you!


When can we go?

9:15am - 4:30pm daily

Every day of the year!


Any top tips?

Dress for mud!

I’m Hungry!

The Farm Cafe is a great place for yummy foods and welcoming drinks! It's one of the best in Melbourne!

Healthy Eating

There are plenty of healthy salads at the cafe - Fun things to do with kids and best places to visit in the US
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