Brig Amity

Albany, WA

Where are we going?

Brig Amity
256 Princess Royal Dr
Albany WA 6330

08 9841 4844

What is there to do?

There is so much fascinating maritime history when it comes to Australia, and one of those iconic ships is the Brig Amity, and in Albany you can visit an incredible replica of this ship from the 1800s.

The Brig Amity sailed all the way from Sydney in 1826, when it was carrying a party that was led by Major Edmund Lockyer, who was asked to settle at King George Sound. This marked the very first time settlers arrived in Western Australia!

The voyage was extremely difficult, and heavy weather really took it's told, but eventually the Brig Amity reached Princess Royal Harbour on Christmas Day.

On board, there was a team of a surgeon, a storekeeper, soldiers, convicts, and tradesmen. There were even sheep and pigs!

Sadly, in 1845, she was wrecked in the Bass Strait, but luckily for families like yours, the replica construction started in the 1970s, and now you can visit for yourselves!

During your visit, just imagine how over 50 men, sheep and pigs all travelled in that small vessel over a six week journey filled with challenges. Do you think you could do it!

You can roam above the decks, and explore below to see how everyone lived. You can learn all about the fascinating facts as you stroll the decks, and read all about the life experiences. It's great fun for all ages, and the younger kids in particular love exploring the numerous decks below. 

They have set up the interior of the Brig Amity just as it would have been on that first voyage (but for you they don't have it bobbing around in the ocean!)

A great historic experience in historic Albany! All board - it's time to set sail!

How much does it cost?

Adults: $5

Children: $2


Need a little extra help?

Speak to staff about the accessibility of the ship


When can we go?

9:30am - 4pm daily

Year round


Any top tips?

Wear comfortable shoes! There will be climbing steps and small spaces

I’m Hungry!

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