Babinda Kayaking

Mirriwinni, QLD

Where are we going?

Babinda Kayaking
330 Stager Rd
Mirriwinni QLD 4871

7 4067 2678

What is there to do?

Kids, are you ready to get out into nature and see some amazing things? Why not hire a kayaking with Babinda Kayaking, and experience it for yourself!

Babinda Kayaking allows you to explore the beauty of Babinda Creek, which is a permanently flowing mountain stream. It's here you can embark on a one way Self Tour down these amazing waters.

Babinda Creek’s pristine, crystal clear water is teeming with fish, turtles and the elusive Platypus. Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy a fantastic experience without breaking the bank!

This is a perfect recreational activity for the whole active family. Kids as young as 2 years can enjoy the experience as double kayaks have a 3rd seat in between the front and back, so they can fit in just nicely!

For those older kids over 12 years, they can enjoy their own kayak which is the perfect introduction for them to learn the basic kayaking skills. 

Kids will love it for the adventure, and it's always fun to spot the fish life swimming all around them. Parents love it for the serenity, as it's a very relaxing scenic paddle. Small rapids add an extra bit of fun along the way. 

Don't worry about paddling against the current either. When you have finished paddling with the current, the great team at Babinda Kayaking will come pick you up!

There are single kayaks, double kayaks and even stand up paddle boarding for those who want to try something different, as well as plenty of swimming opportunities too. 

So why not get out into nature and try something fun and different for that next family day out. You might even spot a Platypus, kids! Keep those eyes peeled!

How much does it cost?

Adults: Single Kayak & SUP's from $45, Double from $70,

Children: Same as adult


Need a little extra help?

To access the kayaks, you will need to climb down stairs and walk about 300 metres along the grassed creek bank (easy walk). Climbing into the kayaks is done either directly from concrete stairs leading into the water or from a shallow sand bank if the water level is normal. If you fall in whilst kayaking, you will need to be able to climb back on


When can we go?

Open daily 8am to 6pm. Bookings are essential

Open year round


Any top tips?

Their kayaks cope easily with the majority of people. If you are over 110 kg and or taller than average (over 6ft 3in) let them know and they’ll reserve a better suited kayak for you. Double kayaks are also a good option as they provide extra stability.

I’m Hungry!

Why not take a picnic! There are plenty of opportunities, just pack them in water tight bags

Healthy Eating

It's also a good idea to take water and healthy snacks too - Fun things to do with kids and best places to visit in the US
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