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    My daughter had her birthday party there few weeks ago and while the children had fun, I must say the management treated us rudely that I will never go back. To save money we brought extra drinks and the management was not happy and told us off for a good 10 minutes in front of the other parents. I understand what we did was against the centre policy but Angela could have always pulled aside and spoken to us like adults, not like a little child. She kept repeating that we are not helping them make money and they rely on customer’s buying their food to make a profit, which I found silly. They perhaps should rethink their business strategy. Later when the ice cream cake came out, I told the party assistant to cut in smaller slices because the children won’t be able to eat much. She said since we paid for 8, we must get 8 slices – I guess they were afraid I would share it with those that did not pay. In the end, we had a table full of melted ice cream because, true enough, the children couldn’t finish.