When you are looking for that adventure for the family, did you ever think of going…underground!?

Whilst the world continues above the surface of the earth, you could be having an unforgettable time underground, in one of the many stunning caves, mines and caverns across the country.

Caves and caverns are formed over MILLIONS of years, often by erosion and river systems, resulting in some pretty incredible formations. Stalactites cling to the ceilings, and stalagmites rise from the ground.  The caves are actually still always changing around you!

Each cave is different, and gives you an adventure into the heart of the earth! Some caves also have some fun above ground which are great for those little ones!

Take Natural Bridge Caverns in Texas. They offer you a number of tours, including the very cool Lantern Tour where you can experience what it was like to be one of the first explorers in the cave. THEN they also let the kids pan for gems and minerals, take on a canopy challenge, explore a maze and even try out the zip line!

Then you have Bridal Cave and Thunder Mountain Park. This cave was popular for wedding ceremonies with Osage Native American Indians, and now YOU can visit the amazing chambers with crystal clean waters!

Caves and caverns aren’t the only underground exploration you can do. Welcome to the world of mining! The Gold Rush was a huge part in American history, and just one example of mining that was done. There is coal, minerals, diamonds….and now some mines are open for you to explore and learn all about the history!

Strataca Kansas Underground Salt Museum is actually an adventure 650ft below the surface, where you can learn all about the 275 million year old caves, that became one of the largest salt deposits in the WORLD!

If you’re in Colorado, you might want to explore the Old Hundred Gold Mine Tour that takes you 1/3 mile into the heart of Galena Mountain! This is a great example of learning about history and exploring our hidden underground world. Kids can learn all about what it takes to be a real life gold miner, and ride a vintage electric powered mine train!

The fun doesn’t stop back above ground, where the family can try their luck panning for real silver, copper and even gold…and yes….you can keep what you find!

Apart from incredible landscapes, fascinating history and some very cool formations, underground fun is also perfect because it doesn’t matter what the weather!

Who said anything about adventure being ABOVE ground!? Take some time to explore our earth, literally, on your next family day out!