It’s nearly Halloween once more, and that means great costumes, tasty candy, and a HOST of fun activities at attractions across the USA!

One of the best places to visit at Halloween are the theme parks. They have a month long series of fun and SPOOKY events, and it’s a great excuse to dress up into something pretty cool to take on those pretty scary rides!

Some amusement parks take Halloween VERY seriously, and here are out Top 10 SCARIEST screamparks in the nation! BOO!

Universal Studios Horror Nights 

The ULTIMATE horror night in the nation! With 9 terrifying houses, 5 scare zones, 2 shows and all over 30 scary nights of mayhem! Run by the legendary Jack the Clown, the whole park comes to life with hordes of mutants, zombies and monsters!

Tampa Busch Gardens 

It’s Howl-O-Scream time! Over 19 nights, the park will unleash a new type of terror, with haunted houses and sinister surprises. Have you ever experienced the scariest of coasters…at night? Don’t forget that you can dine with the spirits too, and even check out their signature Halloween show!

Knott’s SCARY Farm 

America’s FIRST theme park really knows how to put on a show! With 11 mazes, and 1000 monsters, you might have to bring a change of underwear! They even have scare zones within the park, including ghost town streets and Carneval. You REALLY need to be brave for this one!

Universal Studios Hollywood Horror Nights 

Universal Studios Hollywood has been making films for the past 80 years, so of course it brings THE most terrifying event to LA across Hollywood! This Halloween, they will be creating the most authentic scares from across film and TV. There are Walking Dead mazes, as well as Insidious, and Halloween.  Scare Zones, Terror Trams – good luck to you!

Kennywood Amusement Park 

Kennywood’s Phantom Fight Nights completely transform the park! From end of September to end of October they always give you something more than just your average haunted house. They give you an EXPERIENCE! From walk through haunts, to scare zone, fog machines and over 10,000 light bulbs all changed by hand to create a fear in you like no other! Not suitable for kids under 13 years, and here costumes aren’t allowed.

Busch Gardens Willamsburg 

Howl-O-Scream doesn’t just happen in Tampa! It happens in Williamsburg, and just as great! There are a number of haunted houses, as well as creepy experiences like Terror-Tories where you will become engulfed in five frightening worlds, like the world of Jack The Ripper! Don’t forget about those creepy coasters which become more scary at night!

King’s Island Haunt 

Halloween Haunt comes to Ohio! There are a whopping 11 mazes with different themes, including Sorority House, Killmart, Wolf Pack and Tombstone Terror-Tory, as well as four scare zones which you really need to be brave to go through! Cemetery Drive, Freak Street, Backwards Bayou and Nightmare Alley are all waiting for YOU!

Cedar Point Haunt 

What do you prefer to take on first? The Zombie High School Maze or the Slaughter House maze? Perhaps you prefer the Cut Throat Cove scare zone!?  Cedar Point Haunt is definitely worth being the in Top 10 scares across the country. There are great shows like Gypsy Fortune Tellers, and Night of the Living Fed experience, and great rides that go way into the night.  Make sure you check out the cool shows too!

Six Flags Fright Fest – New Jersey 

This Fright Fest in Jackson, NJ is open weekends from mid September to November 1, and delivers more scare zones and terror trails than you could imagine! There are “thrills by day and frights by night”, with haunted mazes and over 200 zombies to look out for! With scary shows and attractions too, you won’t want to miss this experience with the living dead!

Old Tucson Studios Nightfall 

This year it’s the 25th anniversary of Nightfall – Old Tucson Studios premier house of terror! The whole town has gone mad, and your experience will be filled with scary walk-thru attractions, tricks and treats, live shows, amusements, haunts, and your favourite characters. But beware…the characters aren’t always nice!

So have a GREAT Halloween this year, get on your scariest costume, and check out THE BEST that the country has to offer in bumps in the night!