Dracula and Frankenstein roaming the streets on their way to meet a princess and a witch to gather scores of candy? It can only mean one thing...Halloween!

Halloween is possibly the most fun kids will have right on their doorstep.  It's a time where the whole family can spend precious moments together, where kids stay up past their bedtime (something they always get a kick out of!), where they can enjoy some treats and have a great time with their friends!

It's also a great time to get those creative juices flowing, and get those costumes the SCARIEST they can be!

Want to be the coolest Halloweeners on your block? Here are a few hints!

1. First of all, Dracula wouldn't be who he is without that spooky creaky coffin. And do you think the Addams Family would have been the talk of the town without that creepy cobweb covered house? Of course not! Decorating the house is one of the most fun parts of Halloween, because you can start early and enjoy it for the whole of October.

Approach the house decorations from the point of view of the weary kids that will be visiting. The journey is just as important as the destination! Give them a few spooks, a few screams, and a few frights in the night as they dare come towards your home for your candy!

Make sure you check out the house at night too, and see what they will see.

2. Coordinate your family to all dress the same! Image how cool it would look seeing the family of Incredibles strutting down the street, or the Munsters skulking under the street lights? Scary stuff...but also...AWESOME!

3. For that extra added element of awesomeness, why not grab some cool face paints to really put the final touches to your look!? The less recognizable your family are, the better job you have done!

4. Build up Halloween in your street early!  Why not organize a scavenger hunt for all the kids in the street a few days before hand? It's a great way for kids to meet other kids in the neighbourhood - especially great if you are new to an area!

And of course, Halloween involves kids, so parents we know you want to make sure they are safe. There are plenty of ways to put your mind at ease without putting a damper on the night.

1. Dressing up together allows you to have a reason to all go out together. Be part of the fun, and this way they won't feel like you're "tagging along" - especially for kids under 12 who should always be accompanied by an adult.

2. Halloween wouldn't be the same without Jack-o-Lanterns! The flames burning through the scary faces that have been carved into pumpkins sitting on the porch. But with that comes fire, so make sure that all your kids costumes are made from fire proof material. You don't want any accidents when they get excited and want to check out all the handiwork!

3. Give the kids dinner or some snacks before you head out for the night. This will stop them diving into those treats straight away! Also, when you get back, you can make a game of rewarding the treats to stagger how many they eat at one time. This also gives you time to check that the treats are still sealed.

So now, all you really have to do, is practice who can yell the loudest "Trick or treat!" in the family! All together...you ready..."Trick or treat!"

Now we know you can do better than that...one more time...."TRICK OR TREAT!"

Much better! So get those costumes dusted off, get the pumpkins ready and have an incredible Halloween!