Fun In The Snow For The Whole Family!

Going on a ski trip with the kids is as easy as you make it on yourselves: by planning in advance and accurately assessing your needs you can stay chilled, as it were, and make some magic memories that will stay with you for a very long time!

Before you go ideally introduce the kids to a local dry ski slope so the equipment and idea are familiar to them, this can help ease nerves and get you all prepared.

Cue the line about Location… but choosing the right resort really can make every difference to all of you. Things to consider should include: day care facilities if you have babes along or want extra ski time; a good proportion of green trails; whether they have snow tubing and if this is lift serviced – magic carpet and tow rope are kids’ favourites.

Lessons come in a variety of forms beginning with play style lessons focussing on balance, sliding, and how to gear up, and these start anywhere between 2 and 5 years. Parent child lessons are sometimes available for this age group and turn the skill building into a great bonding experience too. More serious lessons generally begin between 6 and 8 years and can be booked privately or as part of a group, with ski schools often available.

It seems obvious but be prepared to be patient and supportive, some kids will take a while to get the hang of it. Also remember the kids’ stamina won’t be at your level, try to plan a few hours for them at a time tops and have other activities and refreshments planned afterwards.

If you’re staying a while with several kids it’s worth checking proximity of the lodgings to the lifts and green zones, remember you won’t just be toting your own equipment!

Equipment can be rented at the resort if skiing’s a rare treat, but if you’re taking your own check both that the kids’ still fit everything and that tuning facilities are available if you need them.

Remember the little things are more important than ever with kids along, don’t be afraid to make a list – and put spare sun cream on it as the sun can be very reflected by the snow and easily burns!