The Santa Fe Children's Museum and E3 Children's Museum which are both free entry offer a diverse range of interactive exhibits aimed at children covering basic scientific principles, plus family and educational programming. E3 also offers The Tots' Turf room specifically for children 5 and younger, equipped with educational toys and activities.

The Bradbury Science Museum also has interactive exhibits but more mature in topic, being based around the laboratory's projects related to defense and technology. Their permanent exhibits are supported by extensive educational and community programs well worth a look, especially around the school holidays.

The interactive, high-tech Museum of Natural History and Science features an active volcano, Ice Age cave, and dinosaurs galore; including an enormous T-rex and Seismosaurus! The Planetarium and Lockheed Martin Dyna Theater are exciting supporting acts.

The Museum of Space History contains vast and impressive exhibitions ranging from Robert Goddard's early rocket experiments near Roswell to a life size mock-up of the International Space Station!

One of the nation's finest museums in its field, the Maxwell Museum of Anthropology offers exhibits and programs relating to cultures around the world, with a special emphasis on the cultural heritage of the Southwest.

The Blackwater Draw Museum displays artifacts and exhibits associated with the Locality No. 1 site. An astounding 13,000 years of site usage are described, from mammoth hunting to modern culture.

Tinkertown Museum took Ross Ward over 40 years to carve, collect, and lovingly construct. His miniature wood-carved figures were first part of a travelling exhibit and now form part of an animatronic wonderland that compliments the original handcrafted ethos.

Other diverse educational offerings include scientific history at The National Atomic Museum; an impressive collections of land vehicles at The Vintage Auto Museum and military aircraft at The War Eagles Air Museum; regionally significant art and interpretive work at the Museum of International Folk Art and plenty to be chuffed about at the Las Cruces Railroad Museum.

All in all a world of educational and cultural fun for the whole family to enjoy !