With Memorial Day coming up on May 25, it’s the perfect time to get the family out for the day and visit one of the many sites across the country where kids can learn all about why it’s important to celebrate this very special day.

Of course, Memorial Day is a day when people all across the USA remember those who are no longer with us in order to make this country the great place that it is today. 

So, as a family, why not spend Memorial Day learning all about that infamous war that started the traditions - the Civil War.

Did you know that Memorial Day originated after the American Civil War, to commemorate those Union and Confederate soldiers who fell?

Across the eastern states, there are many fascinating and amazing Civil War sites where kids can first hand learn all about this huge part of American history. 

Why not head to South Carolina, to the Fort Sumter National Monument where the war first began on April 12, 1861. Kids can walk along the fort’s walls, explore the museum, and take in the same views that the defenders would have seen. It’s an amazing place, and quite eye opening.

Perhaps you want to head to Gettysburg National Military Park which lets kids step foot on the actual location of the battle, explore amazing exhibits with relics of the battle, and learn all about this defining turning point in the Civil War.

Whilst still in Pennsylvania, you can check out the National Civil War Museum to continue that education.

From the bloodiest battle, to the largest battle, Shiloh National Military Park in Tennessee offers living history demonstrations, and hold a huge event every year on the anniversary of the battle - April 6th and 7th. The Corinth Civil War Interpretive Center is a great place here to really learn what happened that was so costly to the Union, despite victory.

Did you know that even when the fighting stopped, it wasn’t over for some men? Andersonville National Historic Site in Georgia is one of the most notorious of Civil war prisons.  Now, you can walk the 26 acres of prison, with living historians giving kids a true insight into what this cramped life would have been like. 

There are many great and eye opening experiences that you can have together as a family on Memorial Day, and take a look back at the war that started the tradition which now honors all those who have fallen - no matter which battle.  

We thank them for the ultimate sacrifice!