Family holidays are such a special time together, and really make great memories! But for those little kids, they might not remember ALL those special moments later in life – so Family Days Out wanted to share some of our fun tips on creative ways to document those amazing adventures!

Tip No. 1: The Project Book

For the kids, having something they can look back on later in life that THEY created is always a treat. They can see their (often creative!) handwriting, and enjoy reading about their own experiences. It often makes for a great laugh!

The Project Book is a great way for kids to get in the habit of writing a diary, and collecting souvenirs and trinkets to remind them of their trip.  Scrap books with half lined pages and half blank pages often work the best.  Then, at the end of each day, make it family time when you all sit around together and write a paragraph or two on the day. Make it fun!

This is especially great for those smaller kids. You can stick in leaflets, coins, tokens, wrappers…anything that has a particular memory of the day. And it’s great to hear their favorite moments of the day!

Parents, you can also make this an education! Learning can be fun, so write some fun facts about the places you are visiting, and then kids can add to the fun facts as they enjoy the trip!

Tip No. 2: The Time Capsule

The idea of a time capsule is SUPER fun! For each trip, gather fun things as you go that remind you of the trip. The score card from family games night, some polaroid’s you may have taken, a menu from an incredible dinner….

Get each family member to write a note about the trip and what they loved about it, and include these in the envelope.  (You can write anything you want on these – no looking at the other persons!)

Then, seal the envelope! You can all decide on a period of time, and write that date on the envelope. Then, when that date comes, you can all come together as a family and open the envelope together! How fun!

Make an evening of it! Play some games (perhaps the same ones you played on the trip!) and it will be amazing to read the letters, and re-live your wonderful family trip together all over again!

Family holidays really are a great time to enjoy, and cherish.  There are so many incredible places to explore together, and documenting them can be half the fun!

So make sure on your next adventure – whether it’s a project book, time capsule, or memory books or box – you have fun collecting memories of your trip so that you can always look back and remember the incredible times you had!